Good Hair? Is There Such A Thing?

Good hair? is there really such a thing? Of course there is, depending on which lady you ask. Each one has her own definition of what good hair is to them and basically good hair is “easy to manage hair” no matter the description you get.

No matter texture, the length, or the thickness or thinness ; good hair I’ll always be, in my professional opinion, healthy hair.

So let’s talk about what healthy hair is to me. Healthy hair is hair with no split ends, a natural shine, and basically covers your scalp. Do I believe is “good hair”? Yes, I do. “good hair is what I have. I refer to my hair as being good mainly because it’s well taken care of. Not because of the texture or because it’s long.

Let take a look back. When I was in middle school and high school, I hated my hair. It was always frizzy. No matter if I’d been to the salon or it was done at home. If it was done at home, it was REALLY frizzy. Not so much if my stylist had done it. Everyone always told me they wanted my hair and I never could figure out why. I would trade hair with some of the girls I went to school on any given day.

When asking different women what their idea of “good hair” was the answer was very obvious. We all want hair that does itself. Hair that when you wake up in the morning it’s already done. Well guess what, that doesn’t exist. You have to learn how to work with what you have.

Everyone’s hair will not behave the same way (I don’t care what your girlfriend told you). What works on my hair may or may not work on your hair. Hair care products on the market today target all sorts of hair types. Oily, dry, curly, dandruff and other scalp issues, color treated, relaxed, damaged, thin, brittle … Anything you can think of. What “your” needs are will determine which product you need for your hair. (sometimes girls friends mean well, but they just don’t know). Ad learning to work with your hair will give you “good hair”. You will learn to appreciate your hair. Stop forcing it to do what it doesn’t want to do! Be kind to your hair.



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All About the Hype? or All About the Hair?

If you’re looking for some truth about the Hair Care & Skin Care Industry, well … you came to one of the best places online.

I will try my best to give you the Beauty Scoop on NEW Products, Grocery Store Products (Pantene, Suave), and Popular Products. Let’s figure out whats “Hype” & whats “Hair”.

grocery store products

Not saying products bought in grocery stores or drug stores are bad … I actually use to LOVE Vidal Sasson ( I can’t find it anymore), but years ago this was my product of choice.

Visiting the local Publix you will now find “professional” products like CREW, Bed Head, L’Oreal Professional & BioSilk lining the aisle. There once was a time when buying these products was a visit to your local salon but it seems like the Beauty Industry is embracing the adverage shopper with tempting them into buying hair care products while shopping for bacon & eggs.

Not only are “professional”products easy to find these days ~ “professional” styling tools have become easier to locate as well. During my last visit to my locate Target store I noticed Chi flat irons lining the shelves ~ amused by the fact had I chose to buy a pair (because I am in the need of another pair) I could have purchased a pair of Chi Irons for about $119.00. has a collection of “professional” flar irons from Andis to Chi on sale plus FREE gifts with purchase.

From time to time, you can even find “professional” products at stores like Marshall’s & stores like BJ’s Wholesale Warehouse. I recommend checking expiration dates in both cases. I have noticed older product container in both cases which might indicate OLD product.

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