beautysalon     I am a licensed professional hair stylist in the Atlanta, Georgia area  … & having worked in several salon over several years  ~ I came to a few conclusions about salons, clients and stylists …

                                                         Most salon owners have let some of the professional business practices go out the window when working in a Beauty Salon and treat it more like doing hair at home in their kitchens. Well, my recent experience in a salon reminded me of  a few things I already knew.  The main thing being religion and politics are sticky subjects to start up in a “business environment”.

During my experience as a client at a local salon I made an appointments to have a brow service done and I got the misfortune of listening to R. Kelly’s new CD and I can’t honestly say I wanted to listen to some man singing about getting me pregnant. Well all have our favorite songs and like to listen to them loud … well, stylists “Listen to them in your car’s or at home.”

As I was please with my brows, the technician yelling at the other makeup artist over my head and over the screaming of R.Kelly was a little more than I bargined for when paying fifteen dollars to have my brows done.                                                  

                                                         On this site I will explain some of my personal findings and tell you the truth … I hold nothing back.

 Working in a salon should be taken as serious as working in a hospital. Many germs and diseases can be passed in a salon environment. Stylist need to keep in mind not only is it unsanitary, but no one working within the same space with you wants to have to look at, let alone clean up behind another stylist. 

Stylist: Don’t for minute think clients are not looking at what you’re doing while working on them. I can tell you personally, because my clients talk to me, they notice EVERYTHING! And if they see something thats unappealing to them – you could possibly lose a client if its not taken to management to have straightened out.

Be mindful of your work space. Who wants to work in your mess? It’s hard enough juggling clients – that a stylist doesn’t have time to maneuver through another thoughtless stylist’s landmine field of left over used gloves, color bowls and brushes. Generally salons have trash bins underneath the sink, use them!


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