I can get over having my own fashion sense and wanting to buy a piece of last season’s Ralph Lauren from Marshall’s, but a case of Creme of Nature Relaxer, yeah that’s not going to happen?

“Why?”, you ask? “Its only $23.99!” That’s less than going out to a salon to get a relaxer.
Let me tell you why.
inside AJ wright
 Stores like Marshall’s, AJ Wright,  and Big Lots generally buy their merchandise from store that close and sell their left over inventory to “close out” stores at a low rate. These stores then in turn retail to consumers looking for a “bargain” on designer labels and brand name products. But is it truly a bargain weeks or months later when you notice hair shedding or breaking off?
 During a recent walk through visit of a local AJ Wright I noticed a very large box of “Professional” Creme of Nature relaxer sitting front and center on a shelf umong several bottle of shampoos and styling products. Twenty-four dollars might [seem] like a good deal, but seriously … where did they acquire this product? A warehouse? A HOT Warehouse? This is first and foremost a “professional” product. It’s a mini case of relaxer. Who is the average customer going to use this much relaxer on anyway? If a single person purchase this box of relaxer, by price, it MIGHT be a good deal . .. but it is a good deal if the relaxer is old? Is it a good deal if you over process your hair and have to spend money at a salon for a few tracks to be sewn in? Of course not.
Some times we have to use common sense. The box clearly read “Professional Creme of Nature Relaxer”. Everything on sale is not a bargain. Professional Products are to be used by professionals. If you walked into AJ Wright and found some medical equipment would you go home and conduct surgery on yourself? Of course not.
Think before you buy.

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