Have you been dealing with the economy and relaxing & colouring at home? 

Did you relax your hair too soon and run into a small problem some weeks later. 

Did you colour your blonde highlights with Brown colour and your hair went green?

Looking for a solution to some breakage or shedding?

Lets talk …


              If you have a concern or question about your hair … talk to me. 

 All replies will be posted right here ~

Random Monthly Fact:  (A little about Hair Loss)

Hair grows in cycles. Its is normal to lose anywhere between 100-200 strands a day. Sometimes you may notice more hair loss. If your hair loss is within that range, Don’t be worried. Your hair may be in a cycle where it is in its shedding phase, but when we go into a hair loss cycle associated with genetic hair loss, the loss in the shower may be higher.

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